Catholic Social Services of West Alabama

2,208 Households

   286 Seniors

2,466 Adults

2,248 Children

5,000 Total Individuals helped

Utility Assistance                    $105,995                                    

Rent                                       $  33,592                                   

Transportation                        $    3,510                                    

Food                                       $123,500

Medical                                   $    5,344

Disaster Assistance                $  20,395   

Other                                     $     1,842

2016 Breakdown of Direct Assistance :

​Where the money YOU donate goes:

Grace Harris, 2014 Intern, helps unload boxes of socks that were collected by these young ladies for "Socktoberfest."  So many people in our area had warm feet thanks to these hard working young ladies.

Several classes at Holy Spirit Catholic School wanted to gather coats to give to people who did have any.  We were so happy they brought them to us for distribution.  It's always nice to open your coat closet and let someone choose their own coat.  

Catholic Social Services of West Alabama is fortunate to have the support of our wonderful community. If you would like to take an active role helping others there are many ways you can help. Whether it is performing volunteer work, organizing a fund raising event, or making a donation, your efforts will be sincerely appreciated.